10 Signs You Can’t Hold Your Liquor While DJ’ing

10 Signs You Can’t Hold Your Liquor While DJ’ing

10 Signs You Can’t Hold Your Liquor While DJ’ing. If these sound too familiar you may need to lay off  alcohol for a while.


1) You regularly take more than 1 piss break during the night


2) You constantly slam in the next track with the Low EQ knob all the way down


3) The clothes you DJ in are also you’re pajamas.


4) Every picture of you DJ’ing has a drink, shot or bottle in it somewhere.


5) You can recall on multiple occasions lifting the needle off the record that is playing instead of the record you’re trying to cue up.


6) You’ve danced with girls in the DJ booth… while you’re Girlfriend is in the club


7) All of the DJ’s at the venue lost their bar tab privileges after an incident involving you.


8) You have a habit of accidentally hitting the key in Serato that stops the music … and you still don’t know which one it is.


9 ) After your set, you’ve told a patron that her Cougar-aged Aunt was probably old enough to have invented the Hand-Job… and got slapped. (personally guilty)



10) If you’ve ever closed the night with Blind Melon – No Rain





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