And This Is Pretty Much Where I Draw The Line

And This Is Pretty Much Where I Draw The Line

I actually did play “Gangnam Style” a few times (Obviously the Alvaro Remix).  And if a situation arose where the Fox song was needed, I could see myself throwing on the DJ Kue remix.  Also, I may or may not have played a mix of Pitbull & Kesha’s “Timber” this past weekend at Scorpion Bar, but you didn’t hear it from me.  But anyway, sometimes in life, you need to take a stand.

This video is apparently a big hit in Italy and looks like it might cross over to the states.

If this one ever shows up in my Serato history, I better have at least an extra 5 Benjis in my wallet when leaving the club.

P.S.  The video’s not all that bad with my sound turned down.

— Spring


  1. im sure paris hilton is spinning this crapola. the beat is unfortunately catchy, almost like ‘no speak americano’. hopefully this wont carry too far to the americas.

  2. Lol why does everyone hate Paris so much? But yeah I have my fingers crossed as well.

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