Second day in a row that we provide you with an article about a recent album flopping.  Yeah Gaga’s ARTPOP didn’t do so well….but it’s funny because Interscope tried to bribe the fuck out of everyone.  READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

Sabrina O’Connor of www.examiner.com writes….

“Besides the alleged payola, it is believed that a lot of money could have went to news outlets such as Billboard, Glamour, MTV, ABC, and some others.  ‘Cash gifts to news outlets really aren’t unheard of, but Gaga has taken it to new extremes if this happened.  Articles by many news sources sound like they were completely written by Gaga’s PR team.’  He notes that Rolling Stones, a magazine that had usually praised Lady Gaga in the past, allegedly won’t accept the cash.  Gaga’s team was hoping Rolling Stones would put her on the cover and call her “Woman Of The Year.”  Instead, the “honor” went to Glamour.

‘I can’t say for sure what she is doing for Billboard, but they are definitely trying to save her.  They let her song ‘Dope’ chart at number 8 this week based on YouTube views that weren’t intended just for her.  The magazine also counted thousands of free giveaways of the song for that chart position.  They are covering up for her big time.  It’s really sad when an industry staple such as Billboard picks favorites and allegedly participates in the payola game’ Jacob (label source) says with sadness.”

I hope to have my own original tracks soon enough and this makes me wonder if I could buy a spot on Billboard too.  I see that apparently it may not buy you success, but I don’t really care that much about that.  I think it’d just be pretty cool when people ask you what you’ve been up to and you say, “You know just chillin’, keeping busy, checking Billboard Magazine to make sure my song is still number 8, you know that kinda stuff.”   Bad news is I’m pretty sure Gaga’s team paid Billboard at least a thousand million or so and right now I could only afford a few hundred 78 dollars.

— Spring



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