So When Do You Play “Holy Grail” & “Hold On We’re Going Home”??

So When Do You Play “Holy Grail” & “Hold On We’re Going Home”??

Is there any other time to play either of these then at the end of the night?  They kinda have to be played at the very, very end right?  This past weekend I actually tried “Holy Grail” primetime (Our friend DJ Smerk’s No Break Down Edit from DjCity because it starts with Jay’s verse).  Still, I kinda regretted it because that song just doesn’t have any energy at all.  There are some uptempo remixes with some heavy electro to them (Kevin Jay and Jordy Dazz both have dope remixes), but I just can’t see myself playing J. Timberlake’s acapella chorus for a full minute during my primetime set.

Even more so with the Drake.  There’s a decent amount of uptempo remixes of that, as well as a couple dope twerks ones.  Same thing though, while some parts might be ok, the parts that contain the original just suck any energy out of the room.

So what do you guys think?  Which versions do you plan and when??

— Spring


  1. I DJ at a place that is a restaurant until 10pm and then clears out the tables to create a dance floor. So if I do play “Holy Grail” its in this transition time when people aren’t dancing. I have tried a few times playing TJR’s “Hold On” towards the end of the night but it never really works. It takes a lot of the energy out of the room. When the song was at its peak I would occasionally end the night with it.

    Its funny how you sometimes have those super popular songs that can’t really seem to be remixed to make it into a prime time set.

  2. I can definitely see the transition thing working good….that’s actually a real good idea for that situation. And I agree with the last sentence….although I think these songs are extreme examples that don’t happen to often.

    — Spring

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