Can Gaga Come Back From This?

Can Gaga Come Back From This?

“Hey DJ, could you please play Lady Gaga – Applause? It’s my friend’s favorite song and it’s her Birthday.” ~ Said No Girl Ever —

I saw our own Mo Rada post that on his Facebook yesterday….but it’s the truth isn’t it?
How often do girls ask for Lady Gaga right now?  Not so much.  I still get requests for Britney, RiRi, and Kesha, but the Gaga train seems to have taken a wrong turn with this album.  And now that I think of it, I never really got too many requests for “Born This Way”, You And I”, or “Marry The Night” either.  I know her label put a lot of money into ARTPOP and will probably think twice before doing it for her next one.  I guess time will tell if she’s able to survive this.

P.S.  If nothing else, at least we’ll always have this…..

I still wonder if anyone ever played that out.


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