Episode 050 – Outta Your Mind

Lil Jon has been a staple in club music for a long time now, but he’s still reaching out to the people that can help his music most.  The DJs!  Recently he has been doing custom drops for free along with regional versions of his songs in an attempt to personalize his music for all DJ’s and in turn get us to play his new songs.  His label is not showing the support they should for an established artist like Lil Jon, so he’s taking matters into his own hands.  Lets show our support by playing his records!

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  1. happy 50th episode dudes, I been playing this record since it came out I think i got it in march from lil jon’s facebook. Usually i stop a record on a hype track and play the boston version where he comes in saying stop the record.

  2. That’s whats up fellas!! Just IM’d this link to Lil Jon to check out and im SURE he greatly appreciates the support!

  3. tha 1 who Trevs

    last night i started by playing it regular, and then after Lil Jon’s verse i braked it and then cued up his Toronto shout out intro, and then launched into my remix – http://soundcloud.com/tha1whotrevs/lil-jon-outta-your-mind-tha-1-who-trevs-club-remix

  4. 1st Off, Happy 50th Ep!!! Great job thru-out, I think its well appreciated thru out the DJ industry and culture, that you guys bring consistent DJ interviews (that are good), and info to the masses, looking out for the beginner and expierienced DJs, and giving them an outlet to debate certain topics that DJs really care about in this culture. Also a big Happy Birthday shout out to DJ JD(Had to say it in true DJ form!)

    Its always great to see the DJ promoting established and up and coming artists by playing thier tracks. This is part of DJ culture, and is a true form ever since the early days. For some artists, it was the DJ who put the buzz out record labels and execs. If “X” amount of Djs are playing this underground song in this many cities and such, then its only natural the record labels want to cash in. Madonna started this way with her demo of “Everybody” when it was first played at a club. Respect to all DJs, as they are either the underground or direct connection in helping artists establish themselves!

    Lil Jon is an artist, that once you hear his voice, you know its a hype track, how many countless remixes have lil jon hype, and the crowd loves lil jon. Lil Jon=Party…Its nice to know that DJs support artists when they need it most, and its the DJs who break new tracks all the time, then the track becomes a regional hit, and radio stations then seek who the track is by, and then an artist is born. When I worked in radio, this was becoming a popular trend, and before clear channel bought into every station literally. Sunday nights, we would break new artists which were being played in the region at the big clubs.

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