RHCP “Otherside” Acapella Now Out At Acapellas4U

RHCP “Otherside” Acapella Now Out At Acapellas4U

I guess to me this is kind of a big deal.  The fact is, I probably definitely won’t use it for anything right now, but it’s just nice to see.  As far as rock acapellas go, The Chili Peppers always lead the pack, and that was a pretty cool thing.  During the mash-up era,  ”Otherside” was the one you always wish existed….and now it’s finally here.  NOTE:  Another DJ told me he’s had this and the stems for a year or two, but I don’t consider an acapella as being out until it hits Acapellas4U.

Anyway, this really made me think.  What are the biggest remaining songs that have yet to come out with an acapella?? As far as rock goes, I think it’s definitely The Outfield – “Your Love”.  That would have been awesome to have 5 years ago.  With Hip Hop, I’m thinking LL – “Doin’ It”, Big Pun – “Still Not A Player” Remix, Juvenile “Back That Ass Up”, Jay-Z – “Big Pimpin” and now maybe “People In Paris”.  Kid Cudi “Pursuit of Happiness” would be another dope one to have.  But now I’m just rambling.  Which acapella do you guys wish existed??? (And please don’t say “Be Faithful”! )



  1. Peter Piper!

  2. DiyAcapellas.com ….. Enter and scroll all the way down :)

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