Hmmmm……That’s A New One

Hmmmm……That’s A New One

So last night while I’m setting up at the club, a manager comes up to me and she says “I need you to play your music at the train station down the street also.”  (There’s a big hall there, and I guess the owner had arranged a private party.)  Anyway, I obviously did it.  I just went into Serato under the “Broadcast” tab and used the drop down menu to select “Train Station”.  No big deal.  Only reason I’m writing this is because I was surprised she knew to ask.


  1. Can you explain this more? I’ve never heard of it but I feel like I should have. Basically the broadcast feature.

  2. haha, seems JLouis fell for it! I’m surprised someone would think that actually work. Isn’t common sense that you can’t just play music you’re not connected to?

  3. Sorry JL, I was just messing around…..It was just kinda crazy how the manager came up to me and matter-of-factly said she wanted me to do that.

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