For Those Who DJ Private Events….I Have A Question….

For Those Who DJ Private Events….I Have A Question….

It’s the holiday season and that means the venues I work at host a good amount of private parties.  I don’t spin a whole lot of these things, but I did get to do two this past week.  My question is this:

Is there anything worse at private events than not knowing who’s in charge?

I guess it’s different for me than some of you, since I didn’t book the party and I’m just a hired gun.  But I’m always frustrated when I get requests and I wonder how important the person is who requested the song.  Is this the CEO?  Do I actually have to acknowledge his request to play “Moves Like Jagger” again, after playing it 10 minutes ago?  Is this the VP?  Do I really need to play “YMCA” next, even though everyone is dancing to “Party Rock Anthem” now.  Normally, I would just give a fake smile to these people and then ignore them, but in these situations I always wonder if I have to listen to the person.



  1. Hate these parties because you are, more than almost any other time, working for people who are fish out of water and event planners who just dont want anything too embarassing.

  2. Definitely not what I’m used to. And you’re right….most of the people don’t get a chance to act silly like this too often, so they try to go all out in this one party. I end up having to play songs that they have pre planned dances to, just so they can show off in front of co workers lol

  3. Here’s my approach to the whole thing. The point person who booked you (likely the event planner or someone else in HR) is who you should direct questions to. If it’s a holliday party, there will likely be a couple of speeches. Whoever speaks is on the priority list or me for requests. That’s usually who’s paying the bill.

    Also, this isn’t a club gig. Mobiles pay well so it’s our responsibility to play nice and cater to requests if we can.

    I wholeheartedly agree with the “fish out of water’ comment. I also find that holliday and company parties are completely void of any “how to approach the dj” etiquette. Expect people to be unusually drunk and possibly rude/demanding. In my experience, it’s a sharp contrast to weddings where I’ve found people to be pretty polite and pleasant to deal with.

  4. You guys are definitely right that peeps are more demanding at these parties. I think middle aged women are usually the worst. Maybe the most important people at these parties are the ones who talk down to us the most and aren’t used to having people look them in the eye and say NO lol. Although you are right Mario that we should make an extra effort to play peoples songs at these and I definitely do. There is still a limit to what I will play and the abuse I will take to do so haha.

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