How To: Setup Serato Remote Mini

How To: Setup Serato Remote Mini

When Serato released Serato Remote for the iPad ($19.99) a few months back, all I could think was, “Damn!  I knew I should’ve bought an iPad!”  But alas, I had not bought an iPad, and thus, was left sulking in the corner of the DJ booth, upset that I couldn’t annoy clubgoers with extra loop rolls and FX as I played with my newest gadget.  Well Serato must have listened to my inner thoughts, because they just released Serato Remote Mini for the iPhone ($4.99)!  (I’ve got one of those!  Glubgoers, get ready for more loop roll.)

Let’s break down the setup process so you can step into the DJ booth with confidence this weekend.

Your First Time

Connecting for the first timeTo set up Serato Remote you must first connect your iDevice to your laptop with the USB adapter.  This is for security purposes.  By physically connecting to the laptop, Serato can be fairly certain that you want want to use that specific iDevice as a Serato Remote.  This protects you from jealous DJ’s (usually standing with their “back up on the wall”) who want to gain full wireless control of your Serato in the middle of the night.

Don’t be fooled by DJ’s needing a quick charge by plugging their adapter into your laptop! Tell them to use an outlet.

SRM9Serato Remote Setup PageYour iDevice will now show up in your Serato Setup menu under Plugins > Serato Remotes.  This is where you can see which iDevice is active and which iDevices you have set up and are available to connect.  You can also deactivate a device that you no longer own or use.

Wireless Love = Wi-Fi Baby

Once you’ve completed your initial set up you can disconnect your iDevice’s USB cord and go wireless!  You can test this easily at home.  You just need your iDevice and your laptop on the same wi-fi network (most likely that’s already the case).

Connect to your laptop1. Open up Serato on your laptop
2. Open up Serato Remote on your iDevice
3. Once Serato Remote “sees” your laptop a screen will pop up saying “SSL @ _YOUR_LAPTOP_NAME.  Tap it and Serato Remote will magically connect.


Serato Remote has no functionality in offline player mode. You must have Serato connected to and interface or controller to use Serato Remote.

Club Wi-Fi

Well that was easy enough, but what do you do when you get to your gig?  What if you can’t get on the venue’s wi-fi?  There is an answer!

Set up an ad-hoc wireless network on your laptop.  Creating an ad-hoc network turns your laptop into a short range wi-fi hotspot which you can use to connect your iDevice to your laptop.  This is how it’s done on a Macbook Pro.

1. Go to your wi-fi menu in the top toolbar
2. Select “Create Network”
3. Name the network (ie. Dj JD Remote)

Ad-hoc setup  Create a network

This is important!  If you don’t set up a password anybody in the venue will be able to have direct wireless access to you laptop.  Not a good idea.  Choosing 40-bit WEP should be fine and requires exactly a 5 digit password.  You probably don’t need to come up with a crazy password here, but don’t use 12345 or your Dj or venue name.  Also keep in mind that the password is case sensitive (important in the next step).

Wi-fi listNow, instead of the usual wifi you’ll seeadhoc.  That means you’ve created your own personal ad-hoc wi-fi hotspot!



Next we need to connect your iDevice to the network.

1. Go to your Settings page
2. Select Wi-Fi.  You should see your network listed (ie. Dj JD Remote)
3. Select your ad-hoc network
4. Choose “Join Anyway”
5. Type in your password

Settings  Select Network  Join Anyway

The password is case sensitive. Not only that, it will still look like you’re signed onto the network EVEN IF YOU ENTER THE WRONG PASSWORD! This through me for a loop. If this happens to you and you accidentally enter your password incorrectly, you’ll need to go back to your iDevice’s Wi-Fi menu, press the “i” icon to the right of your selected network and press “Forget this network.” Once you’ve done this you can repeat steps 3-5.

Get In The Zone

It’s time to open up Serato Remote on your iDevice and get to pressing some virtual buttons.  Once you open Serato Remote you should see your laptop listed as “SSL @ _YOUR_LAPTOP_NAME.  Tap it and Serato Remote should be up and running (as long as you have Serato open and connected to a box or controller).

Let the fun begin!

Keep in mind, you can always connect your iDevice directly with your USB cord for a guarenteed connection and the fastest response.
When you have your ad-hoc network selected you WILL NOT have internet access on your laptop.  If your iDevice has a cellular connection you will still be able to accept call and have internet access.


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