Saw Dennis Blaze post this yesterday on his Facebook…

”  #DJLIFE <— ppl usually see this hashtag after an image of a nightclub with a crazy crowd, or traveling in a plane, etc. but you dont see much of these with that hashtag:

(1) missing family parties or leaving early which means you’ll need to take 2 cars, and/or

(2) not being able to have a movie and a dinner with your significant other without being rushed.  “

…and it really made me think.

There definitely is a lot of sacrifice that goes into being a full time DJ, especially for someone like me who lives on “DJ time” to the extreme.  For me that usually means I show up real late to family functions rather than leaving them early.  It also means having a shorter window of time to run daily errands such as going to the post office.  And it sucks when certain appointments have to take place early in the day.  For a lot of this “normal human” stuff, I end up staying up for it, rather than waking up early.

As far as relationships go, it seems almost impossible to make it work with someone who isn’t also in the industry.  The last girl I dated somewhat seriously had a “real job” and worked Mon-Fri 9-7Pm. Plus, she was taking online grad classes on top of that.  Meanwhile, I was working Weds, Thurs, Fri, Sat, and most Sunday nights.  It was pretty obvious from the beginning that it wouldn’t work out long term.

Not that we have an overly strenuous job, but there definitely are certain adjustments you have to make when the hours you work are the same hours that most people sleep.

What does #DJLIFE mean to you???

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