Episode 058 – It Takes Scoop Playlist

Today we’re giving some examples of how we mix out of Crooklyn Clan’s hit remix “It Takes Scoop,” sometimes referred to as “It Takes Kool.”  This is one of the most played remixes out there and has tons of hype which cans sometimes be hard to follow up.  Here’s some of the ways we do it.

DOWNLOAD: It Takes Kool (Dj JD Edit) (Acapella Out)

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  1. thanks for that useful edit.. def using this weekend!

    keep up the greatwork with remixreport.com!

  2. I know this is completely random. but occasionally i drop in this bmore edit of grease lightning. Starts off with the original clap break from the song then drops into bmore. then jumps out of bmore back into the original but with a redrum.

    works well for me, but then i play sporadically and jump around alot

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