Episode 059 – Dj Fabian Interview

Dj Fabian holds one of the most coveted residencies in the US, if not the world.   As  the resident at XS in Vegas he has seen it all.  But he didn’t get there by just sitting around.  He went to school for audio production and mastered the craft of remixing to get onto Crooklyn Clan.  Find out how Fabian has risen to the top by watching our interview.

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  1. Hey whats up DJ world? Havn’t posted in a while, thought Id weigh in on this. Im pullin an overnight studio session currently, so Im using some of my downtime here!
    I feel this interview has some very good pointers from Spring, JD and, Fabian, especially if you are a DJ transitioning yourself into original music production or original music for remix production.. If you pay attention to the video closely, they basically are giving some very good advice to DJs that are just starting to break into original production, touching on what are going to be your best programs and such.

    One of the reasons I like this site is that I feel JD and Spring are true, honest DJs, that dont just BS you on advice. They really want to help out the DJ community with a lot of there expieriences, and pass there professional knowledge onto the DJ community, and its there for who ever wants it. When I started DJing in 1989, besides my close circle of DJ friends, many DJs were very to themselves, and sometimes even rivals vying for the same DJ spot, and undercutting was heavy…not cool, and most DJs and would NEVER give you any advice, let alone give you any of there tricks of the trade. I was never like that, I always liked helping my fellow DJs in need, however back then I just went with the flow, and remained tight lipped as well.
    Thats why when I say these guys are true pros in the game, its also not BSing, its because Im from that same fabric of wanting to help make this industry the best it possibly can be. And I strongly believe DJs helping Djs is what will make this industry prosper in the future. Many episodes back, Spring and JD talked about the importance of DJ worth and how to never undercut. If up and coming new DJs in the game know info like this from the get go, it will keep the veterans and current DJs more relevant in there worth and so on. Having said that, yes there are always some things we as DJs keep under wraps as our best kept secret or secret weapon, but thats not being selfish, its just giving yourself something to hold onto and to make you stand out. I would just like to reach out to the community with something Ive picked up years back and am finally starting to use in my productions, and although what Im going to say is nothing secret or such, I just want to touch on one specific effect and let other DJs who are now into original music production aware of this nifty little effect that will help give your tracks the same sound as what you are hearing in some of todays dance music. And Im mainly talking about House, Electro, Hip Hop infused with House, and anything really with a Hipster feel to it. Its called “Side Chaining”.

    Like mentioned in the video, I would have to agree, for any “electronic” driven production, the 3 gems I find amazing are Acid, Abelton, and Logic. I started on Acid Pro 3 around 2000 and have since moved on up to Pro 7. Its beatmapper use to be bar none for remixers, and still is kick ass, 10 years of use on Acid Pro lets me create and use some of my tricks within it for quick production turnaround. But my advice is if you are looking to create the latest sound in house and you still have your heart set on Acid, you will want to pick up Ableton as well…trust me Acid hits a dead end in some sections, and this is where ableton is the winner. Ableton also takes quantizing a song to new levels(something youll want to definitly do, if your making DJ friendly remixes and productions.) Acid works great with its beatmapper, howeer IMO Ableton has got the edge.

    Starting out in House myself back in the day, I grew up with the different trends and how music was created thru out the years. One thing people seem to be facsinated by in todays music is “Side Chaining” Although most people dont know what it is, they are hearing it and a lot of music now a days.
    So now Ive been using Ableton for a couple of years as well now, and finally got version 8 last November. Now for what I think is one of the most usefull things in Ableton, and there is a lot of usefull stuff in Ableton, however for me on the production side one shines bright, and that is “sidechaining”. Im am currently in production of an electro-house music project, and my production relys heavily on the magic of what sidechaining can do. So here Im talking shop! Since what Fabian and the guys said is true about the rise in House being prodominint in everything from pop to hip hop, Sidechaining can be your friend if used right. If for nothing else, take a listen to King Of Leons “Use Somebody” The Chew Fu Festival Remix. At the begining of the song I believe about 8 bars in there is a small breakdown, then you really start hearing what sidechaining in a song really does. Youll begin hearing the synth “pumping” or “sucking in and out” thats “sidechaining” or “ducking”. A lot of house music producers, especially electro acts are using sidechaining more these days. Another example are the horns in the song “One More Time” by Daft Punk, however the most known for this is Mr. Benny Benassi, just listen to satisfaction, that has sidechaining written all over it.

    So Ableton has a very good sidechain compresser in its feature set, and is very easy to use if you know how to rock a compresser right! Side Chaining use to be a bit more of a hassle, especially if you were inserting physical compressers in line as out board gear. Ableton has met this challenge head on, and with a bit of practice, side chaing becomes second nature. Within less then ten minutes I was up and running. Once you get it set up right, its down to controlling the threshold to give it that tight pumping sound. I mainly use sidechaing on basses and lead synth lines, however it can be used on any instrument. Also my trick to pulling it off in Ableton is using any drum kick to sidechain off of, then I mute that kick, and make my original electro house driven drumbeat, and now the bass or synth line thats pumping or sucking in and out sounds like its pumping off the electro house beat I made, when in actuallity its working off the muted kick. And it is important not to side chain off a beat with added highhats and snares, because it will produce unwanted pumping effects. The reason you get the pumping sound in the first place with sidechaining, is because every time the kick hits, it mutes the bass or synth line for the duration of the kick, then brings it full on in between each kick, so using a simple “four on the floor” kick drum loop is ideal for this.

    I just wanted to put this out there, that if some didnt know about this effect, it does exsist, and its what your hearing in a lot of music now a days. You can research in to it a little more, and watch tutorials, then youll be able to make sense of what Im saying if not already. So thats my added two cents, indirectly touching on the house music scene. Sorry for the length, I always start with every intention on keeping it short, honestly!!

  2. Real informative video. Big ups DJ Fabian. He dropped alot of science on this one!!

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