Episode 060 – Show One Love

Today we’re highlighting a very creative remaining of Swedish House Mafia’s “One.”  Hardwell, who you know from the “Be vs Show Me Love” remix, re-pitched the synth line from “One” to make it mimic “Show me Love.”  Incredibly creative and instantly recognizable to listeners.  Now, who’s gonna put the acapella over it??

Some re-pitched/transposed melodies we’ve done:
DOWNLOAD: Wonderwall Announcement (Dj JD & Jay Spring Remix)
DOWNLOAD: Samir Is Gone (Dj JD Remix)

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  1. This is effin great! I really apreciate what you guys do! Keep it up

  2. Check out DMS. They added one with the acapella!!

  3. Thanks Connie for talking about how to love this life. You ralely give great examples of the benefits of Life Coaching and why it may or may not be there for you. When people can see what the clear benefits are it helps with deciding if something is right for you.

  4. I told my kids we’d play after I found what I needed. Damnit.

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