Dr. Dre Ft. Eminem – Forgot About Dre (Clips X Ahoy & Hyphee Remix) (Free Download)


Been waiting for a dope trap mix of this!  Clips X Ahoy & Hyphee come through and make this classic joint extra crunk.  Download from their Soundcloud below!


  1. I haven’t been gigging out or going out lately, but is this type of sound popular right now? Seems like too hard of a sound in my opinion.

  2. Well depends on the place. This is definitely something I’m gonna play. Think about it this way, mixes like this take the same things that people enjoy about electro and bring it to Hip Hop….so the same places you can get away with hard electro, you can probably play a mix like this :)

  3. Jay Spring thanks for the support on the track homie!

  4. Of course bro….dope mix!

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