Episode 061 – Get Low (Playlist)

In honor of yesterdays release of “Crunk Rock” we’re talking about songs we play around Lil Jon’s “Get Low.” It’s a bonafide classic with tons of energy and guaranteed to get your crowd singing along. How do you keep the energy going after a song like this? Here’s some of the songs we play.

Get Busy (Crooklyn Clan Remix) – Sean Paul
Salt Shaker (2010 Party Anthem) – Ying Yang Twins
Badd – Ying Yang Twins
Party Up – DMX
Be Faithful – Crooklyn Clan
You Can Do It – Ice Cube
Bring Em Out – TI

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  1. Still waiting for my Lil Jon drop ;)

  2. speaking of lil jon and drops: does anyone know how to request for him to make me one?

  3. I don’t think he’s offering them anymore.. so.. not really much point.

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