Episode 064 – No Diggity (Dj Katch Reggae Refix)

Today we’re talking about a hot new remix from Frankfurt, Germany’s Dj Katch.  It a reggae reaffix of the classic 90’s RnB track, No Diggity (one of my favorites – JD).  He chopped up a hip-hop song, the name of which is slipping my mind, and made it into a reggae beat that fits perfectly with the No Diggity acapella.  A great addition to your reggae or 100 BPM set!

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One comment

  1. When I first heard this remix I thought of “Make It Clap” By Busta Rhymes, although Make It Clap needs to be sped up. Not being one of Bustas most popular songs, however maybe a good transitional song from the end of a reggae set with this remix followed by Make It Clap. The instrumental goes well with this, then adding another popular acapella over that, IDK!!!

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