Episode 065 – PSA Playlist

Public Service Announcement (Interlude) is one of Jay-Z’s biggest club songs, hands down!  It commands a reaction from all trips of crowds and is one of the bets tools in your arsenal.  Today we explain the correct way to mix it in.  It doesn’t start on the 1 count so you have to use your ears!!  We also show you some examples of how we mix in and out and keep the energy flowing.  Let us know your thoughts on this epic track.

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  1. LOL at the cat in the background and the “cough brake.”

    I think the best way to bring in PSA is done by Jazzy Jeff. Check out this video to see an example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQ-yfdOtB4M (around the 2:33 mark).


  2. forget ableton and opening different programs…
    an even easier way to check when the downbeat is on tracks that open with vocals..
    is to just loop the vocal part using serato.. most times with the 4 count, or maybe 8 if its longer..
    until you see that the end of the loop ends right before the 1st kick.
    then you know exactly how many beats the first part of the vocal sits on.
    so on this PSA song, you’ll notice that the 4 beat loop actualyl starts on a-“LLOW” as you said

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