Episode 066 – Mailbag

We’ve had many Dj’s write us questions about various things and in today’s mailbag we’ll do our best to answer them.

If you have a question for us please email us remixreport@gmail.com and put MAILBAG in the subject line.


  1. Great ep, although I spent 5 minutes trying to figure out why my phone had buzzed an email up then wasn’t showing one, took a while to realise it was in the video.

  2. Great Questions…Great Answers!

  3. Did you guys ever get the Rane 68, and if you guys did can you make an video on it and what you think about that piece of equipment? THANKS

  4. Thanks for answering my question about management. It totally cleared up my thoughts on them and about them. Thx!

  5. A few 90-105 hip hop tracks from recently that I’ve had go well:

    Diddy & Dirty Money – Hello (Good Morning)
    Dorrough – Wired to the T
    Snoop & Dream – Gangsta Luv
    Nicki Minaj – I Get Crazy

    It’s pretty weak these days.

  6. @dj_jbird – We haven’t gotten a 68 yet. Want to get one, but it may be a while. If we get the chance to play with one we’ll let you know!!

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