So….Let’s See How My 3 Picks For ‘Producers To Watch In 2014’ Are Doing So Far

I really can’t help that I’m a genius.  I just have a knack for seeing things before they happen.  I heard “Timber”, and although I wasn’t feeling it at first, I saw the way the girls were responding to it, and I said, “You know what, I can put my personal feelings aside and say that this is gonna be a massive hit.”  And as far as this whole twerk takeover in the clubs goes, I was pretty much on top of that two years ago.  You can ask JD.  Oh, and my talents aren’t limited to just music.  Check out this Facebook post I made during the summer last year….


Pretty safe to say I’m not the person you wanna be betting against.  But anyway, that leads to my 3 producer picks I made at the end of last year, and told you to keep an eye on.   While some other blogs and magazines were telling you to watch out for names like Martin Garrix and Dj Snake (yeah, maybe in 2014 those guys will actually make a hit), I named three extremely talented producers who’s biggest hits have yet to come.  These guys are still climbing up the ladder, but perhaps climbing even faster than I could have even predicted.  Yesterday was a big day for all three so let’s recap….

1) Juyen Sebulba



Big day for Juyen yesterday as his dope remix of Gina Turner’s “Oscillator” dropped on Beatport courtesy of Laidback Luke’s Mixmash Records.  Peep below and support the track!

2) Ahzee 



Yesterday, Ahzee dropped the preview to his upcoming track, “King”.   Absolutely awesome.  He definitely has his own unique style and I’m positive it’s gonna take him far.

3) Riggi and Piros

riggipiros warp


This duo is already having a huge 2014.  Their latest track “Taboo” is currently sitting at #42 on the Beatport Electro Chart….

….and yesterday they posted that some dude named Hardwell just made a mash up with it.  Peep at 16:48….

All three of three of my picks just came out of the gate flying.  Can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for them!

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