Despite All His Fame And Success, David Guetta Is Still Hungry And Releases A Creative, Game-Changing New Single


Just kidding.  The drop sounds exactly like everything else.  And it sounds so out of place when it follows the vocals.  Kinda sucks too, because the rerecorded Kill Bill vocals by Skylar Grey are dope.  Welcome to House music in 2014….where all the complaining about how much shit sounded the same in 2013 didn’t seem to do much good.


  1. LOL, I didn’t even listen to the entire preview on DJCity. Once I heard the drop I moved on to the next one. I KNEW something was odd about the title of this post.

  2. Yeah….I mean, I’ll still play it I’m sure. I just wish he put in A LITTLE creative effort instead of just doing what everyone else does.

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