30 Seconds To Mars – Kings & Queens (White Collar Holler Remix) (Free Download)


White Collar Holler is back with another dope one.  This time they offer up a 91 BPM flip of the 30 Seconds To Mars smash, “Kings & Queens”.  Not even sure how to describe the genre here (Glitch, Trap, Dubstep?) but this is awesome!  Grab it below…

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  1. As Lady Madonna Rides on her Horse from Detroit to Baltimore, she has a Desire to “get unconscious.” So she chkces into a Baltimore hotel and cries a song called Bedtime Stories. She Cries in Sadness “Today is the last day that I’ll use Words because they stand for nothing! I am hounded by media-death! The Press Won’t Leave Me Alone! I am having a Wet Dream of Transcendence! And Inside, I am Still Wet! Longing and Yearning with Wet Tears of Sadness-How Can I Explain How I Feel in Tears? I’ll Never Explain Again!” It’s True. We will all love Madonna! Thans for being my Friend!

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