Not To Beat A Dead Horse BUT…This Is Funny


So ghostwriting is the hot topic in the DJ Community right now.  I’m talking hotter than “New Pioneer DJ Controller” hot.  (Well, maybe that’s debatable.)  But regardless, I usually try to stay away from straight murdering a topic

….as in blogging about it twice a day.  DJs on social media tend to overreact to a lot of stuff, so I usually leave over doing it to them.  I feel like this might be different though.  While I don’t wanna go too overboard, I feel like I don’t totally want this to go away either.  It’s kinda like a crime is being committed and it’s up to us not to let it be swept under the rug.  Now with that disclaimer out of the way, I’d post a hilarious fake flyer like this anytime, no matter how sick you are of whatever topic it’s about.  This is just comedy at it’s best and it’s pretty much my duty to post it.  For those who don’t get it, Maarten Vorwerk’s name came out this weekend as someone who’s responsible for A LOT of ghostwriting in the EDM world.  And that’s what makes this flyer fantastic.

(Shout out to Ryan Enzed for putting me onto this via his facebook.)

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