Those Were Balloons Popping, Not Gunshots

Those Were Balloons Popping, Not Gunshots

LOL, take a page from this DJ’s playbook…  from the article “Providence Club Ordered Closed After 2 Gang Members Shot” in the Providence Journal.

Following an early morning shooting Saturday at Karma Nightclub that critically injured two Boston gang members, the city’s board of licensing held an emergency meeting and temporarily ordered the troubled venue closed.

In requesting that the board immediately suspend Karma’s license, police Maj. Thomas Anthony Verdi said, “We don’t know why they were shot, who shot them … and what retaliation might result.”

A hearing will be held on Monday to determine the fate of the Richmond Street nightspot, which has been sanctioned for other violent episodes in the past couple of years. The board meets at 1 p.m. at City Hall.

The two male victims, both Massachusetts residents, were identified as Kenneth E. Leslie, 24, of Chelsea, and Rodney Hoskins, 26, of Mattapan. Verdi said both have extensive criminal backgrounds, including multiple arrests for weapons and other felonies. Boston police, he said, identified them as members of the Walk Hill Bloods gang.

“Boston police are very familiar with both of them,” Verdi told the board during an emergency hearing at 3 p.m. Saturday.

The police said one of the victims was shot in the back and the other in the groin area. Both were listed in critical but stable condition Saturday morning.

The victims were shot shortly after 2 a.m. inside the nightclub, which closes at 3 a.m.

Patrolman Kenneth Matsumoto testified that he was working a security detail and standing outside an entrance to Karma when a group of about 15 to 20 patrons burst out the doorway.

“They seemed panicked,” he said.

When one of the patrons said that someone had been shot, Matsumoto said he and another officer went inside. They heard a bouncer and a DJ announce that “it was just balloons” and carry on as if nothing happened, he said.


In case you were wondering how YOU should deal with this type of situation, just do what this DJ did and tell everyone that, “it was just balloons.”  Now that’s how to keep a party alive!

Here’s the flyer for the night.  For some reason the name of the night stands out to me.

Karma Flyer

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