Grammy Recap (From Someone Who Watched Via Facebook Status Updates)

Grammy Recap (From Someone Who Watched Via Facebook Status Updates)

Ok, so I figured we probably should recap this shit.  Unfortunately, I had to work so I didn’t get a chance to watch per se.  All I know is what what was written on Facebook.  But let’s just pretend I watched, and it will probably make this recap seem more legit.


1) Beyonce & Hov made an appearance.

No one really said anything good or bad about them.  But a lot of people on my timeline did recognize the fact that they were there.

2) Kendrick Lamar joined Imagine Dragons for a remix of “Radioactive”.

This is the one clip I actually did get to see.  And I gotta say, it didn’t really excite me as much as everyone else.  Then again, I’m not a huge Kendrick fan anyway.  Him spitting 256 bars of fire that I couldn’t really understand didn’t do much for me.


3)  Macklemore won the Hip Hop categories.

This seemed to disappoint a lot of people.  But is it really that much a surprise?  I mean, nothing makes me think hardcore, keeping-it-real Hip-Hop more than the Grammy’s, right?  I could have sworn Kool G. Rap was gonna win this year.


4)  “Clarity” took Best Dance Recording.

And really, the only people who seemed to care enough about this to post anything were other producers.


5)  Daft Punk won Album of the Year.

But really it seems like people aren’t as excited about them as they were a year ago.  I remember when all I used to see on Facebook was, “OMG! This new Daft Punk!! WOW! WOW! WOW! OMG!  FUCK YEAH!”  Either way, I’m pretty glad those people have come back to reality.


6)  Pharrell wore a funny hat.

We all know famous people can wear whatever the fuck they want.  Regardless though….his choice of headgear lead to Arby’s being the real winner of the Grammys….

arbys twitter

or wait, maybe Pharrell got the last laugh after all….


I can tell you for sure though that the loser here will be anyone who posts a Pharrell/Smokey Bear meme on social media tomorrow.  Nothing sadder than people who are way late posting stuff (and assume that everyone who sees their posts think they’re comedic geniuses).

P.S.  What’s the difference between “Record Of The Year” and “Song Of The Year”?

P.S.S.  Is it bad that I never, ever, ever heard of “Something” by Snarky Puppy with Lalah Hathaway, which beat out songs I have heard of for Best R&B Performance?

P.S.S. I’m calling it right now.  Clean sweep for “Timber” at next year’s awards.


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