Episode 074 – Dj Skillz (Inside the Remix)

Today we catch up with crooklynclan.net’s Dj Skillz and he gives us an inside look at how he made his new Bmore remix of Usher’s new single “DJ Got Us Falling In Love.”  We also talk to him about how a serious injury can effect your DJ career and why you should get a mac!  Lot’s of good stuff here.

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  1. Skillz knows his stuff when it comes to remixing. He def has both tech and musical skillz!
    For remixing acid when you learn it inside out is to me and many remixers out there hands down a sick DAW to throw down a remix in. I personally find it even faster to do a remix in acid vs ableton. That being said, ableton is sick with its performance/dj fx among other things!

    Ive been using acid for the past 10 years to do all my remixes in, and its so second nature to do a complex sounding remix within acid. 2 years ago I bought ableton to throw into the mix, and just last year got version 8. I now use both programs via rewire, so now I dont have to give up 10 years of tricks Ive learned within acid.

    Skillz does a fantastic job within acid, and you can tell he knows his way around the program.I know the feeling of switching to another more versitale program and leaving behind what you know. Since Skillz mentioned he will most likly be production based on his PC, I would recommend him gettin Ableton, and sticking with Acid since he knows it so well, andusing both programs together via rewire. They work flawlessly together, and are quite fun when thier synced up, each program shines on its own and its a kick ass set up. Ive been re-wired up with acid and ableton for just about 8 months now, and I love it.

    Abletons learning curve?? What learning curve, you know acid, ableton is a super breeze to get use to! Set up differently, yes, what bothers me in ableton though still to this day is the split, zooming in and out and playing a track within the time line, acid has got it beat in that dept. Acidis much faster to navigate around in vs ableton. Then again I might just be use to acid, so not trying to be biased here, Ive heard others feel the same. I also use my apc40 to control acid, so Im on one controller for both programs, although acid has to be mapped to the apc!

    Lastly, Skillz was talking about something in gthe original song being off key with his remix, so he did the smart thing and left it out. In acid 7 the stretching of audio is upgraded and uses elastique pro to stretch. When using the pro stretch vs the original classic acid stretch, not only can you preserve formants via pitch shifting, it also allows you to formant shift in conjunction with the pitch. Your now able to get slightly to moderate “out of key” performances to be “in key” quite well by working both the pitch and formant together. I do empisize the words slightly to moderate, because if you go to extreme, the one song your trying to match the key with will shy away from the original sound and unless your going for that particular sound as an effect, it might not sound right, however Ive had some great success with it, especially on acapellas, it works wonders

    Well, best of luck skillz, you are a great remixer, and your remixes always sound and look great!

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