Always Change Your Passwords Before A Bad Break Up

Always Change Your Passwords Before A Bad Break Up

Here’s a story reported by early this weekend…

Inval3d is a dubstep producer from Boston that was working with a start-up management company called Finale, an outfit that’s only been in existence for six months. Run from Atlanta by a gentleman by the name of Jacob Wolf, Finale represents a small sampling of really dope up-and-coming bass music artists from across North America. And for some reason or another, Inval3d’s split from Finale resulted in Jacob Wolf deleting his former client’s SoundCloud account completely. Jacob’s explanation here is quite interesting:  SEE PIC BELOW…   AND CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL STORY

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So if you’re gonna take anything away from this, it should be not to give out your SoundCloud and social media passwords to your management.  And probably even more so to your girlfriend.  Or at least remember to change the passwords when you sense a bad break up is imminent.

P.S.  I love Jacob Wolf saying, “I can only live with my mistake and work to better it.”  As in he’s working on getting better at not deleting his clients SoundCloud pages when they fire him.  Like if he were to get fired a second time today and deleted that client’s SoundCloud page, he’d be like “Dude, you can’t get mad.  I told you….this whole ‘stop deleting my clients SoundCloud page thing’ is a work in progress.  I’m not quite there yet.”


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