Boom! I Just Took This Club’s Rules And Made Them Easier To Understand

Rules Final

Every business knows that when you release statements to the public, you want to be direct and to the point.  So that’s what I did here, I took their long list of rules and consolidated them into one.  Your welcome After (Las Vegas).  Between DJing, working on production, and this site, my time is pretty limited these days.   But, if the price is right, I may consider doing future consulting work for you guys.  For now, just enjoy this little freebie.


  1. Weak attack. It’s an after 3am rules list when plenty of places are having downtempo, chilled out sets and vibes. Spring you aren’t about to bag a jazz club or a dinner hour playlist for not wanting Timber are you? Seems vibe appropriate

  2. Lol….it was kind of a joke dude. They were just fucking around when they wrote this list, and I was just doing the same. But still it’s kinda of true…and it’s what they want. Underground tunes = stuff that’s not mainstream AKA liked by the masses. I don’t think what I said was offensive or an attack?

  3. No no, not anything offensive, but didn’t know they put it out as a joke in the first place, thought you were putting someone on blast. No worries mate

  4. Understandable….”joke” might not be the best word for what they did, but it was a publicity stunt for sure. Like underground house clubs don’t usually have to tell the DJs not to play T-Pain lol.

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