What is “Old School” in 2014?

What is “Old School” in 2014?

One of my regular spots has a room where the format is “Old School.” However my personal interpretation of “Old School” as a DJ with 10yrs of experience is quite different than the owner’s interpretation. Basically, I play the same sets I used to play back in 2004-2006 and that makes everyone happy. But this is not what I call “Old School. “ Actually, I don’t know WTF to call it.


So what do we officially call this era? What’s the most universal acceptable way to let a DJ know to play nothing but Fat Joe, Nelly and 50 Cent?

The next debate… when you do play this era, how deep to you go in? Us seasoned vets undoubtedly know way too many records that were hits that younger crowds are oblivious to. My girlfriend is 26 and has never heard of Biggie w/ Bone Thungz – Notorious Thugz. She know’s DMX – Party Up, but hasn’t the slightest clue about Stop Being Greedy. So my last question is for all of you 25 younger. What do you play in your “Old School” set?

Let us know you’re thoughts below!!!


  1. Good point. I guess I call 2004-2007 “Throwback”. Still confusing though.

    Someone recently asked me for “old school Lady Gaga” haha

  2. Great question. I only have 4 years in and I’m 28. but, my father is a dj so i have a large music library, and i completely understand where you are coming from. Ive been in that situation before

  3. What I’ve noticed is that if you’re in a top 40s club.. Old school means anything before 2010, and all the classics from before that…

  4. I’m 22 and I play a lot of nelly and stuff like T.I. Bring em out and Kanye west good life when I want to do “old school”

  5. My rough definition of old school is ten years or older. And Nick, you just made me feel old as fuck.

  6. Rough definition for me is
    Early 90s as “old school”
    Late 90s-early 00s “throwbacks”
    Early 00’s-2005/6 “recurrents”

    But there is no true way for me to explain the fine line between any of these 3… I just enjoy filling up my serato crates with sub crates which also have sub crates…

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