Episode 076 – Bring Em Out (Playlist)

Bring Em Out by TI is one of our go-to tracks every night we play.  Today we highlight a few ways we play the track and keep the energy up.

Let us know what you play with Bring Em Out.  Register and leave a comment or email us a remixreport@gmail.com.


  1. Y Is The Video Locked?

  2. Play the acapella out into Jayspring’s Fresh Prince Mash. Fyaaa everytime.

  3. @JD..Super sick mixing into Are You Gonna Be My girl,with the hands in the air hype,lovin it!!
    @Spring..Just as sick…flawless mix and Hype goin on there…You guys rocked these mixes!!

  4. dope transition ideas from both of you…keep up the great reports!

  5. JD did the Gonna Be my girl last night, the place went nuts!!! Keep up the good work guys.
    Nick UK

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