Episode 077 – Mailbag

Today we try our best to answer some of your questions.  We try to do this once a month, so if we haven’t answered your question yet, stay tuned to our next mailbag.  We always like hearing from you, so don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

Some of the things we talk about today are:
-Is the Remix/Mashup game played out?  Is there a limit to how many mashes to play?
-Is there a way to blend “snap your fingers” with a house song?  I heard someone blend it into OMG.  I tried it myself and it sounded horrible.
-Tips for sending out remixes/edits to blogs and record pools.  How did we got on crack4djs?
-Where did we get the acapella of “it takes scoop”?
-I’m new to the game and got an opportunity to play a club in denver.  where should I start with price?
-Lots of DJ’s don’t play the whole song.  Should I be doing the same thing?
-Did we get rane 68?

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  1. Lots of good answers here!…In answering one of the questions, JD mentioned his remix of Beverly Hills Shake…well for all who haven’t heard it, and you like the whole pitbull style flow and delivery he usually gives on his tracks, you need to hear what JD did on this one. I heard this mix not to long ago, and it is pretty sick! Its got some cool hype on it, and I especially like how the flow of Pitbulls verse rides the Axel F track…If you didnt know JD did this one, you might very well think that this was how Pitbull came out with this song, cause its totally the type of stuff Pitbull has been doing lately…so thats how well this track was done! Props to JD!

  2. When I spin a mash, Even at the peak of their popularity I always dropped mashups as if they were partybreaks. Read your crowd and gauge how they’re feeling the mashups.

  3. I actually just reviewed the Sixty-Eight here:

    I’m not sure if everyone has had exactly the same experience as myself, but i have had gnarly software issues with Serato 2.0.1 and the sixty-eight. Been waiting for an official version to come out that reliable enough to start bringing the 68 to a club, but currently i wouldn’t perform on it

  4. Nice review Ri. That answered a lot of my own questions and reinforced some of the unfortunate things I’ve heard about the 68. Hopefully many of the things you mentioned can be fixed in the software.

  5. The main performance related issues are definitely software-related so once they release a new serato version that can forsure be cleared up. 100% of the reason I currently don’t bring it to clubs are the crashing problems. If that is fixed there would still be some annoying hardware issues like the flexfx stutter and crappy filter quality, but those can both be mostly substituted with software effects or proper timing :-/ All that aside it does some really cool stuff no other mixer has ever come close to doing and it has some nice innovations that are encouraging to see.
    What I want to get my hands on is a MIDI controller built for the Serato effects, literally a hardware mirror of what you see under the effects and effects parameters bar so you can have hands on control of the built in FX. I really have been impressed with their customization ability, but it would be nice to use something other than your mouse and a MIDI controller that doesnt really fit the build. An Akai/Serato relationship would be sick

  6. Thanks for answering my question fellas! Played my first club gig here in Denver – everything was great. Thanks again guys.

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