Is Tujamo The Biggest Genius In EDM???

Is Tujamo The Biggest Genius In EDM???

Big shout out to Tujamo.  While other producers are stuck in the era of  “The Epic Mashleg“, Tujamo has chosen to be different.  He’s chosen to be a leader while everyone else just follows the pack.  Instead of trying to make the millionth version of “Epic”, “Animals”, or “LRAD”, he’s chosen a different path:   Trying to flip his hit song “Who” over and over again.  As they would say on BarstoolSports, Tujamo is “playing Chess while everyone else is playing checkers”.  Full support on his new song “Hey Mister”!

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  1. Lol, are producers so lazy that they just “rework” their own music for the next single? I noticed Wizard sounds exactly like Animals. Martin & Tujamo are the only two cases I know of so far, but it’s a weak attempt at making music. I can’t imagine if Primo or RZA sampled the same song over and over.

    As a DJ I try to separate myself from others by having my own style. Not saying it’s anywhere near the best, but I at least try to not be a carbon copy of what others are doing. I think anyone who makes music should do the same.

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