7 Reasons You Should Upgrade your DJ Laptop with an SSD

7 Reasons You Should Upgrade your DJ Laptop with an SSD

 7 Reasons You Should Upgrade your DJ Laptop with an SSD

I’m sure all of you have heard about SSD’s vs HDD’s by now but I’m willing to bet only a small minority of you actually use an SSD (or are even aware it’s installed). Solid State Disks usually scare people away just by their price and lack of storage capacity compared to traditional Hard Drives. They’re certainly not for every DJ but the prices and sizes available today might temp you now if you’ve decided to opt out before.  So here are the top reasons you should consider investing  in one for 2014.


1) You Needs Da Speed


There’s no good reason to consider investing unless you have already have or expect a problem with your current setup. I’ll spare you the techy mumbo jumbo but let’s just put it like this… Upgrading your Hard Drive to an SSD is sort of like upgrading your girlfriend to Kate Upton. It just magically makes all your old problems in life fade away.


2) You Play In A Booth Where The Bass Rattles Everything You Put Your God Forsaken Hands On


This is actually the reason I personally starting using one. I gig’ed a Teen Night at a place where the booth was on stage and (8x) 21″subs where underneath this very same stage. Even the f**king CDJ’s where skipping (I think the Sound Guy had a coke problem if I remember) … Anywho I played friday, opened my laptop on Saturday and had a dead HD. A Hard Drive is a delicate piece of hardware. It has a tiny magnetic pin that drops precisely onto spinning magnetic platters at a speed of close to 7200 RPM. You don’t need to be a tech genius to understand that shaking your laptop for 4 hours while it’s working is a bad thing. In fact that’s how most DJ’s power plugs and battery connections go bad… and they don’t even know it. A Solid State Disk has no moving parts and is 99% immune to this issue. So I invested in one just for the piece of mind.


3)  You’re somewhat computer savvy

If you’re going to upgrade, paying someone to do it for you just makes the investment that much less appealing. If you’re comfortable replacing your HD and re-installing Windows/Mac OS then please continue. If not, find a friend who is.


4) You ‘Read’ more than you ‘Write’


Don’t view this as a deal breaker but def take it into consideration. The one downfall of the SSD is that it’s storage sectors can only be written to a limited number of times in it’s life span (Read More Nerd Porn on topic here). Example… If you plan on using this laptop to regularly render 12GB HD Videos over and over and over again, you’ll likely cut this SSD’s life expectancy down to under 2 years (educated guess).  However everyday MP3 tag updating, library updating, email reading etc… should give you a comparable life span to a typical Hard Drive.


 5) You’re Music Library is < 120GB

Because of the $-to-GB ratio you are paying for, it’s probably not worth it to upgrade if you’re filling up you’re 1TB Hard Drive right now. I’m personally the type who runs a tight ship when it comes to organizing and tagging my library. So I don’t have any duplicates, I’m not doing video and only add tracks that I will actually play. This has my Library size looking like 60GB right now. So my 500GB SSD has plenty of room for my Library , Ableton Live setup, VST plugins + some decent sized sample packs. However, if you’re using video or just have an OCD for collecting every track to ever be released on a record pool, then #6 might bail you out.


6) You’re Laptop is capable of housing 2x Hard Drives !


Most popular brand Notebook computers on the market sell an adapter that allows you to remove your DVD drive and replace it with a Hard Drive. This allows for the best of the both worlds scenario. Install your OS and all of your APP’s on the SSD as the primary disk. Then use your old 1TB Hard Drive as a secondary disk for large storage. You might not get all the SPEED satisfaction from using as SSD by itself, but you’ll sure as $hit be smiling every time your laptop boots up in 10 seconds.


 7) You have about $300 of disposable income

If you’re just itching to make another investment in your rig but not sure where to put it, I can promise you a $300 SSD will leave you satisfied. There are other smaller SSD’s on the market that are just as awesome for under $200, but $300 will get you a 500GB drive. If money ain’t a thang then Samsung make’s a 1TB SSD for $540 right now.



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  1. SSD = no moving parts thats the beauty of it, thats why they are fast and effiecient. It’s great to have but be aware that the ssd also have a life expectancy and will eventually go out.

    what are your thoughts on the new wirless external hard drives?

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