Great quote by our friend Dante on his Facebook yesterday….

Funny how it’s always the people not doing shit that talk the most shit. Actually it’s not funny. Its always more advantageous to build bridges rather than tear other people down. Wake up and realize everything you say reflects more so on you and eventually gets back to that person.
 Not sure if Dante was referring to another DJ here…..but regardless….this quote should be noted by every DJ.  And it is kinda funny how true this is.  Just think about some of the top guys in the business – dudes like Trentino, Enferno, Vice, Scene, Spryte, Kevin Scott, Sizzahandz, Riz, Rock-It! Scientists.  Do you ever see them talking shit on social media, trying to stir up drama??  Those guys are obviously doing something right to be where they are, so I’m guessing it wouldn’t hurt to act as professionally as they do.  I’m not trying to sound like a parent talking down to you guys, but I just can’t stress how important this is to understand.

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