Episode 081 – Crowd Motivator (FnDannyboy Remix)

FnDannyboy has been making dope remixes for a while now and recently released FUYA House Breaks Vol. 1 which is a well thought out set of classic tracks which have been reworked into clean, useful house remixes.  FnDannyboys production is on point with all 5 tracks in this volume, but we’re going to highlight his remix of the Croolyn Clan & Dj Ace classic, “Crowd Motivator”.  He speeds it up from 108 to 130BPM and extends it into a longer house format.  While he leaves most of the original track intact, he does add some chops in the breakdown section giving it a disco house feel.

You can find FnDannyboy online at:

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  1. Def some great production and a great update and rework of a classic Crooklyn track…props to FnDannyboy!…I def agree with what Spring is saying about playing tracks like these this in your house set…

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