Video Report V2 Episode 7 [Part 1] The Headphone Showdown.

Video Report V2 Episode 7 [Part 1] The Headphone Showdown.


This week we have a two parter coming at you along with a sweet promo code from AGIProDJ on all their regular Priced headphones.


  1. Great Show! Guys. You guys crack me up yo!

  2. Awesome show! I’m in the market for new headphones so thanks for making reviews . I don’t know why I can get over my Technics RP-DH1200, I still rock them.

    • The RP-DH1200 were one we were going to review…. my long time tag partner rocked those, and the technics mixer until he quit and loved em. we are considering another headphone Episode with the $75-150 range and I think we’d HAVE to include them in that ep! part 2 goes up tonight.

  3. I finally got to watch this episode! I have a couple pairs of the V-Moda’s and wanted to add that V-Moda had excellent customer service. I sent a pair in to be repaired when one side quit working, not only did they turn them around very quickly, but the replaced several major cosmetic pieces that had been chipped or cracked over the years at no charge. They came back like brand new! Def my fave set of phones.

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