House Music Has Lost A Legend – R.I.P. Frankie Knuckles

House Music Has Lost A Legend – R.I.P. Frankie Knuckles

Here’s a dope YouTube Vid (watch at 1:11:45) for those of you who weren’t familiar with Frankie.  Shoutout to Riddler for putting me on to this.

And here’s a great quote from Frankie that I saw Jay Dabhi post on his Facebook yesterday….

Technology has made what we do as DJs so easy that practically anyone can do it. That being said, the only way anyone is going to make it in this business is to do what the next guy isn’t doing. Challenge yourself! Don’t be afraid to not be trendy. Don’t be afraid to actually play music without all thebells and whistles and digital trickery. Don’t feel like you have to physically cheer your audience on when it comes to feeling and recognizing a good tune. If the music you play is good the crowd will recognize it by dancing to it. And most importantly, be honest with what you’re doing. Don’t play your audience for suckers by pre-recording large portions of your set and faking that you’re doing it on the fly. People are not stupid, and it’s an insult to every DJ that seriously puts in work. Every mix may not be perfect but, you’re human and that’s the best part of it. If the crowd is with you, they’re with you.

Rest In Peace to the legend.


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