Episode 083 – Mailbag

In today’s mailbag we answer more of your questions.

– I want to split my Hip-Hop into crates by BPM. What’s the best way to do this?
– What’s the right way to mix in key?
– Where do you get/how do you create sweeps and whoosh sounds?
– Should I take a gig even if I think I’m not good enough?
– Were you nervous at your first gig?  How do you get over it?

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  1. I have a question about mixing in key. I know you can mix from 01A to 02A etc.. But what other keys are compatible. Does it go in twos, threes, fours? Can you mix 02A and 04A and will it still sound good? Thx for any info/help.

    And I always get nervous before a gig but after you get the crowd going all those nerves always go away. If you want you can do some breathing counts counting all the way to ten while doing slow deep breaths. This helps me sometimes.

  2. Good question about mixing in key. I’ll say this. Even if 2 songs are in the same key, it doesn’t mean they will sound good layered over each other. Mixing in key sounds good when both songs are playing the same notes, or notes that sound good together, at the same time. When mixing in key, the likelyhood of that happening with 2 songs that are in the same key is much much greater than if they aren’t. I would recommend only mixing songs that are in the same key, 1A to 1A, when your doing “in-key” sets. That’s going to sound best. You can also have good results mixing 1A to 1B or 2A to 2B. The A and B mean they are not the same key, but relative key’s which have a better chance of sounding good together. On the other hand, mixing from 1A to 2A is like a musical progression from one note to another note, but they wouldn’t sound good played over each other. In fact they would clash. I hope that helps a bit. Maybe we’ll try to go a bit more in depth on this subject in the future as mixing in key is becoming more and more important.

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