Episode 087 – Dynamite (Anthem Kings Surprise Remix)

The Anthem Kingz have been on a roll lately, constantly putting out club bangers and quickly becoming the go-to remixers on Crooklynclan.net.  This time they took Taio Cruz’s smash “Dynamite” and blended it with an nice instrumental version of “Don’t Stop Believing.”  It works best around the end of the night, but if you can read your crowd right, you may be able to sneak it in earlier.  Take a listen to Spring’s mixing example!

You can find the Anthem Kingz online at:

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  1. AK def hit it out the park on this one, I really didnt know what to expect with this flip, and when I heard it I said OMG, they killed it!!!! Def one of the best flips I heard in a while, Dynamite acapella works great with the D.S.B. Inst. The acapella and inst are flawlessly in key, and the breakdown into D.S.B is great. I agree with the guys, Anthem Kingz are on top of thier game with quality remixes every time… @Spring, great blend example of the two like always!

  2. Thank you Spring! Haha i didn’t even play the mix but I will definitely try it. Good looks bro and keep up your hard work.

  3. @Brian — This definitely proves that “mash-ups” aren’t dead — not if they’re done right.

    @Rivas – I promise this works!


  4. where can the dj 2nd nature track be found at?

  5. What’s up Aqua….

    You can find the track at http://www.crooklynclan.net/dj2ndnature. “Don’t Stop Believin'” was released on 5/10/2007. Such a dope mix!

  6. Another awesome remix report!!! Just got back from Active Duty and back in the scene. So happy to see how successful you guys have become! Keep up the great work!

  7. It is such a dope remix to play in the clubs.

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