Episode 091 – Tricky Choruses 1 (Reggae)

Last week we started our tricky choruses series with a tutorial on counting beats and bars as a way to get us all on the same page.  Hopefully that tutorial will help as a reference throughout this series.  Today we’re highlighting 3 reggae tracks that can be tricky to mix out of because they have choruses that are shorter or longer than normal.  This is the breakdown.

Rich Girl  – Gwen Stefani & Eve: 4 extra beats in the chorus
Who Aam I (Zim Zimma) – Beenie Man: 6 bar chorus
Action – Terror Fabulous: 12 bar chorus broken up into 4 bars + 8 bars

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  1. Reggae / Dancehall is always crazy… I come from the Jungle/DNB scene, where we are used to pulling rewinds. Of course, We don’t do that nowadays too much but this is another thing where creatively placed cue points work.

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