Episode 093 – Tricky Choruses (10 Bar choruses)

Continuing our tricky counts series, today we’re highlighting songs with 10 bar choruses.  To mix these songs correctly you have to hold off mixing your next 8 bar intro for 2 bars into the chorus.  These are some examples.  See if you can mix them correctly

Drake – Over (10 bar chorus)
Drake – Forever (10 bars chorus)
Jay-Z – Empire State of Mind (10 bars chrous)
Pras ft. Mya & ODB – Ghetto Superstar (10 bars chorus)

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  1. This is very important stuff that many DJ’s, esp. newer DJ’s who aren’t pay attention to the music wouldnt be aware of. Good job. I know Empire State of Mind tripped me out the first time I played it and quickly cue pointed to the 4 bar drum beat intro as a loop to save the mix.

  2. Ghetto Superstar always baffles every DJ I ever hear play it.

  3. Yeah man…..if you’re gonna make an effort to be the best at your craft, you have to put the time in to understand this stuff! No DJ can just coast through thinking their natural talent will set them apart lol.

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