Episode 094 – Mashup Mafia Interview

Today we get down to business with the #9 all-time selling remixers on Crooklynclan.net.  Stay tuned to see how the group formed, what it’s like to do a weekly 3 hour radio show & get schooled on classic audio gear.

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  1. Great Interview! Id like to add, for those who cant find any used NS-10s, a great alternative is thier close cousins the HS-50M or HS-80Ms. I own a pair of these and I have to say they are so close to the originals, its refreshing to know the NS sound is still alive in a way. Now like JD said, because of the scarse tree wood, you are not going to get any speaker sounding exactly “acoustically” like the infamous NS-10, however the HS come damn close…waaaaaay better than the rockits…basically due to the flat frequency response, no color, hense if it sounds good on an NS or HS series, it will sound good elsewhere. I myself never had the NS 10s, however one of my DJ partners had them, and when I test drove the HS series against the NS series, I was pleasently surprised at how good the HS series sounded, second best, only to say the NS are the best..I used everything from mackie to the rockits to m-audios BX series, and nothing comes close to the HS series hands down. Pure flat frequency response period. A lot of people say exactly the same thing about the rockits. The guys are right when they said the rockits are bass heavy. I returned them after one mix, not being able to properly use them in my mastering process. I sprung for the Yamaha HS and Im never turnin back..plus they add room control and other custom features to them if you need them, however I leave them flat, seeing thats the frequency response you need to make a proper mix. also the HS-10 sub is a great compliment to them(con..$400 just for the sub) however it can replace the bass void if you need it, and dont have a lot of room for extra “A-B-ing “”comparing” speakers

  2. Great interview. Mash Up Mafia never disappoints in the club.

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