Weekend Weapons: Rihanna “Only Girl” Remixes

Just in time for the weekend….here’s a few remixes that our friends wanted you to have:

First,  our buddy Jordan Laws (Screenwerks) sent us this gem.  It’s an original production, and he mentioned that it would fit in perfectly with your disco house set.
Rihanna – “Only Girl” Jordan Laws Remix  — DOWNLOAD HERE

Next, fresh out of the Lincoln Road Studios, our friends Miami Ski Team gave us this dope mix.  DJ Supersede says, “We remixed Rihanna’s “Only Girl” and made it a bit more club friendly than it already was.  Hope you enjoy.”
Rihanna – “Only Girl” Miami Ski Team -GIRL ON THE SIDE -Remix  — DOWNLOAD HERE

Last but not least, DJ Mike Gloria of CrooklynClan.net’s NY Hitmen blessed us with his original production.  Mike told us, “I kept the same synth as the original, but build around it.”
Rihanna – “Only Girl” DJ Mike Gloria Remix  — DOWNLOAD HERE

*ONE MORE LAST MINUTE ADDITION:   Here’s a real smooth sounding mix from Crack4Dj’s DJ Trekk
Rihanna – “Only Girl” DJ Trekk Remix —   DOWNLOAD HERE

Now, you guys have a few options for the weekend and you can use which ever best fits your set.  Also, be on the look out for The Anthem Kingz remix of this track coming out very soon!!  Check back later today for their interview!

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