Episode 097 – Anthem Kingz Interview + Q&A

Another big interview today!  This time, we had the pleasure of chatting with our friends from up north – DJ Alex K and DJ Bosa of The Anthem Kingz.   This happened to be the perfect time for this interview, as The Kingz recently cracked the Number 1 spot on CrooklynClan.net’s monthly top artist chart.  They’ve been dropping so much heat lately, it’s a safe bet they’ll be hanging around the top for a while to come.   In this interview, we go over their remixes, both old and new, and they share their thoughts on a variety of other topics!!

Find The Anthem Kingz online:

********* Please leave any questions you may have for The Anthem Kingz below in our comments section and they will stick around to answer them!! ********


  1. I always wondered if their was someone else reppin Canada from the Crack and Crooklyn squad. Now I know.

  2. Hi Anthem Kingz,

    Thanks for giving us an insight into your workflow and processes. Really appreciate it.

    I am really interested in redrum techniques. I like to put beefier drums on “old school” classics that I like. But I am struggling to make the new drums fit over these old school songs.

    1. Can you expand on the “notching” idea of quietening existing drums to allow for room for the new drums? Plugins/techniques??

    2. Do you ‘tune” your drums to fit into the key of the song being redrummed or is it just what sounds good to you?


  3. Hello Anthem Kingz,
    Nice Interview. three questions:
    1.) How did you guys get started and then end up getting together?
    2.) Do you recommend being in a cooperative DJ setting?
    3.)I saw your videos on Facebook and not once did I see any scratching, just mixing. What are your thoughts on scratching?

    Thats all ‘ve got since DJJD and Spring already asked all the good ones.

    Gracias amigos!

  4. Thanks for the questions guys….They had a busy weekend, but they’ll be on here to respond real soon!

  5. Hey guys,

    I’m just wondering if you have any tips or suggestions for producing tracks faster? I know you mentioned in the interview that your able to produce tracks faster now that you are on Crooklyn compared to when you were on Crack. Some of this probably just has to do with experience, learning shortcut keys, etc. but I was wondering if there was any other suggestions you have. It always blows my mind when people mention they can put out 3 remixes in a day, when I struggle to finish 1 lol. It seems like some guys are just so focused on quantity over quality these days which is why I don’t bother asking them but you guys seem to be able to accomplish both, which is amazing.

    Also, one difference I notice between Crack and Crooklyn producers is the overall sound of the mix. You guys have a nice thick, deep and ambient sound. I don’t expect you to give away all your tricks but was this achieved by paying more attention to mastering and EQ’s or is their any effects you like to use on the master ?

    Much appreciated,

  6. You guys put out great sounding remixes time and time again…lovin the Taio/Journey Mash….great work!

  7. Djtrekk: I believe there’s a couple of more Canadians actually. I know Starski (Crooklyn) and DJ Fin-S (crack4djs). Also as far as producing a remix faster, the best advice we can give you is to have a concept ready when you start remixing and most importantly, be organized!!! When we first started, we had instrumentals and acapellas all over the place. Make a master drive and organize your stuff according to key. You’ll make your life easier and put our remixes at a faster rate. Hope this helps and if you ever have any future questions don’t hesitate to ask

  8. We’ll get to all of your questions shortly, we’re really busy in the studio doing some original production. Thank you for listening and supporting. We’ll get to all your questions in the next couple of days.

    Anthem Kingz

  9. >>We’ll get to all your questions in the next couple of days…
    Thanks Guys. Appreciate you taking the time to help. Look forward to your answers. Cheers

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