Episode 098 – F*ck You (Brass Knuckles Remix)

If you haven’t heard of them yet, Brass Knuckles are getting off to a strong start.  Although new to the remix scene, this crew has positioned themselves as the next big name in uptempo club remixes.  They have the best remix of Cee-lo’s hit “Fuck You” which we talk about today.  Stay tuned in the coming weeks when we’ll have a chance to interview Brass Knuckles!

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  1. This remix is the type that brings the song to a whole new level. Im a big fan of remixes staying true to the original, melody wise, then flipping it with the remixer/producers own signature sound and style, in this case an electro flip! For people who like the original, this remix breakdown into the verse keeps the original feel with a bit more energy, then the progression into the electro “hook” brings it to the next level. This remix def allows DJs who were skeptical to play the original to now incorporate the song into an electro or house set…What a great remix this is!!!I love it…the stations I listen to around here are really starting to put the original into heavy rotation, and I havnt heard a good remix yet. This remix, if it gets radio play, IMO will def enhance the chance of its mainstream popularity and club play big time!!!!…This remix, if heard by all will def be a weekly club hit that sits well in your DJ sets!

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