Episode 101 – Teenage Dream (Liam Keegan Remix)

Katy Perry did it again with “Teenage Dream,” but it’s impossible to play the original in a club setting.  After playing the Liam Keegan remix over the last few weeks I can honestly say that it kills in the club.  The long mellow verse pays off when the high energy chorus kicks in and everyone throws tier hands in the air… guys included!  Give it a try yourself.  You can find it at www.directmusicservice.com.

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  1. I have been playing both the DJ Megaman and Panic City and The Scene Kings remixes of this song and they always seems to go over well, but I will try out this version this weekend.

    Keep up the great vidz guys!

  2. Yeah, I would have to agree with you guys, this is one of the best mixes out there…I have a couple of other mixes that bring a more “hard” electro lead bassline to the song, however the melodys and “feel” of the song are too extremely different compared to the original version, and dont do justice to the song. This remix is good because it keeps the original melody line, and energizes it, and the dancefloor will not look up and think of it as a “remix-killer”. Also, this is the type of song (and artist) you want to have remixes for that stay true in someway to the original. I think you guys have mentioned in previous episodes about when a song gets older, then thats the better time to play a remix thats a little different, and I agree 100%.

  3. @Tony…thanks for the suggestions! Those guys always do good work as well!

    @Brian…..Your whole comment is very true. As for this song — since it’s so mellow, I think this may be one where once it’s popularity is gone, it may be time to retire it (or play it very early on random nights).

  4. I def see your point, its not destined to be a classic staple song. Katy prob in the future will be more remembered for her “I kissed a girl” and maybe “Waking up in Vegas” and “California Girls” if any.

  5. I was playing this last night and observing all the dudes that were a little too into it with their hands in the air, singing along. Was thinking of you guys haha..

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