Episode 104 – It Takes B-more (Classic)

Dj Serafin has more than a few tracks you could consider “classic” in the mashup game, but “It Takes B-more” is by far the most classic of them all.  This track epitomizes the B-more mashup.  As one of the first “It Takes…” remixes, because the acapella is so rare, and because it contains chopped versions of classic tracks, such as “Calabria” and “Sweet Dreams,” this track STILL rocks the dancefloor today.  Take a listen and see if your remixes can stand the test of time like this one.  There was serious work put into this one, and it shows.

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Video by DJ King
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  1. What more can you say about this track, you guys summed it up…in one word a CLASSIC!!!
    BTW, on a side not to the Cassidy drum track Spring had mentioned, you can find that same drum kit on the Roland XV3080(The beefed up big brother to the classic JV 1080) It includes that iconic Cassidy snare!!!

  2. wow, thank you guys, i feel honored ..one thing you forgot to mention is JD’s beat i used on the ” break it down” part.

    again thank you remix report for all the support. !

    – serafin

  3. This Track is Hot!!!! Serafin killed it and I has honored to make the video for this…. Thank you for covering this track!!!

  4. @Brian — As always thanks for the info!! I hope all our readers are checking these comments, because you are always on top of this stuff.

    @DJ King — What up dude!! Long no time talk, hope all is well!!

    @ Serafin —– We love you :)

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