Episode 106 – Mailbag

In this weeks mailbag we get all caught up with your questions!  So keep them coming.

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  1. dope vid, good questions and answers. I always learn something new in the mailbags

    couple questions …

    1. In the video, i heard jay spring talking about ‘hipster’ stuff when answering the question about how to structure a mixtape…and I realized I don’t have any hipster house/pop (at least I don’t think I do..I wasn’t familiar with the term..maybe i already do have some haha)…what are some popular artists & songs to check out for this genre so I can familiarize myself with it

    2. JD, when you talked about the mini-sets when making a mixtape, do you use the mini-set concept in a live setting? Like do you have planned mini sets that you move around based on what you think the crowd will like?

    Also, (completely unrelated haha) how do you organize your crates/playlists in serato? by genre? or by type of gig/age group your playing for(i.e. all ages gigs, wedding gig, sweet 16s, senior center gigs)? a different way?


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