Episode 111 – International XL Interview

Many in the DJ community know International XL from his email blast in which he promotes DJ’s and remixes, but Dj Excel has been in the DJ/Remix game since the 90’s!  Not to be confused with Dj Excel form Baltimore, this Boston native made the move to NYC to become one of AV8’s hottest selling remixers with classics like “Hook Me Up.”  He’s also produced the Coca-Cola Shape remix we talked about in episode 108 as well as other classic remixes.  Check out this interview and see how things were done back in the day and learn some tried and true rules for promoting yourself.

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  1. Im glad I got to see this interview. Remix Report in the last year has been so insightful to my past. Its nice to know who the masterminds behind such classics are, like coca cola shape. Our group of DJs would always play that stuff, and we prob didnt know that Xcel did those tracks, Most of those tracks that were given to us on cd were labled as Fatman Scoop tracks, and thats all we would know.
    Xcel-lent Interview, and a very honest, humble buisnessman!

  2. Well said Brian!

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