Episode 113 – All I Do Is Win (Playlist)

All I Do Is Win is one of the best club Hip-Hop songs to come out in the last year and is still a crowd favorite.  In this episode we go over some of the ways we mix in and out of it in our sets.

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  1. Both great set mixes as always, and speaking of great…@Spring…got your 2 part mix..and again you killed it with another hype mix and great production!

  2. That edit is BANGIN!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks guys!!

  4. Depends on what type of set I am in. I love to use a transition my friend DJ G-Force made. Starts off as a House track with some hypes (Everyone put your hands in the air) and it slowly builds up into the original of All I Do Is Win. Simple way to transition into a rap set. Pretty much, That track is the best way to get into a 70-75bpm set.

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